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Wake up to a radiant morning with Horizon Sleep Timer, a seamless blend of technology and tranquility. Set your timer and let the room gradually brighten, simulating a sunrise that gently nudges you into a comforting wakefulness. Horizon transforms waking up into a warm and inviting experience, promising a fresh start to your day with the embrace of a simulated dawn.

Solo Project

4 weeks

Arduino IDE | Laser Cutting | Fusion 360 

Overview Video

The best way to start the day is to wake up to the sun. As a sleep timer, when the timer goes off, Horizon simulates a sunrise so you can wake up to the first ray of sunlight.

How it Works

Rotate the sun to set the timer. Each NeoPixel is half an hour. Rotate clockwise to increase time and counterclockwise to decrease time. 

Click the sun to start the time. After the time is set, click the sun to pause the timer and click again to resume. 

After setting the timer, you can go and have a good night of sleep. The time will light up layer by layer so you know how much time left when you wake up during the night.

Light Stages

Horizon has three light stages as time goes by: 1st Stage being the front most mountain lighting up. 2nd being the second mountain lighting up. 3rd being everything lighting up simulating a sunrise.

1st Stage - 1/3 of the time

2nd Stage - 2/3 of the time

Final Stage - Time Up

Illustrated Schematics

Power cord

Rotary Encoder

Side-lit LED

Arduino Uno board

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